frequently asked questions

What is forever (aka) permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry has taken the internet by storm. It is bracelets, necklaces, or anklets that are welded right onto you so there is no clasp and they don't come off. That sounds scary, but it's not at all. There is zero pain on your end whatsoever! 

What are the material options?

We offer 14k gold-filled and sterling silver chains. They are great options for permanent jewelry because they're hypoallergenic, won't tarnish, and are durable.

Do you have age requirements?

Anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Mama & Mini jewelry aims to be as inclusive as possible and is available to all ages and genders.

Am I able to get it with a clasp?

Of Course! If you are nervous or not ready for something being permanent, we're happy to put a clasp on it for you so it's a piece you can take on and off.

Can I remove my permanent jewelry?

Yes! If you need or are ready to remove it, just snip the chain at the jump ring with scissors. When you want it back on, just reach out for us to re-weld!

Will it tarnish or turn my skin green?

We are picky about the materials we work with for permanent jewelry. 

14k gold-filled chain doesn't tarnish which makes it a great option for permanent jewelry. 

The more you wear sterling silver, the better it looks. The natural friction and oil from your body will help keep your silver nice and shiny. If for any reason it starts looking dull, you can rub a polishing cloth over it to shine it back up.

Can I go through TSA with it on?

Yes! You can keep your permanent on while going through airport security.

What is difference between gold plated jewelry & gold-filled jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry contains a very thin layer of gold over a base metal (usually brass or copper). The piece is dipped in essentially a gold bath. The amount of gold is about .05%. This means the jewelry will not hold up over time when exposed to water, heat, chemicals, etc. The layer is so small that it exposes the skin to the base metal meaning it’s not hypoallergenic for those with metal allergies. It’s the lowest cost of gold jewelry available.

Gold-filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than plated does. The gold is bonded to the base metal instead of plated so it can’t rub off. It does not expose the skin to the base metal making it hypoallergenic. The layer of gold is thick enough to make it perfect for everyday wear, and since it’s not solid gold the price point is much more affordable. If you take care of your gold-filled pieces, they can last a lifetime!  

What is your reweld policy?

The minimalist appearance and ease of wearing permanent jewelry makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear. Despite the fact that you do not take it on and off each day, they are still delicate pieces of jewelry that can break or need to be removed.

If you received your permanent jewelry from Mama & Mini, we will do our best to repair it for you free of charge.

Visit us at a pop-up or reach out to request a permanent jewelry adjustment! If we are unable to repair the chain or you want to different style chain we will offer you a discount to replace the chain.

Mana & Mini is not liable for lost chains.